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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2017 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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take a trip to a world of palace ambition and meet young entrepreneurs and eager to tackle global challenges. join flitch else that's not a german entrepreneur award winner two thousand and fifteen as he travels through asia looking for the next big business idea. pick a topic you really are passionate about because you got to stick to this for a long time and it's something you don't we like then it's hard to keep on pressing our ten part series founders sally starting october twenty third on the w. hello and welcome to driver at the motor magazine today's topics piloted driving in an audi eight with traffic jam assisted. the spacious optima plug in hybrid.
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and the new opel grand land x. . the purchase of a german car maker opel by the french p.s.a. group was completed in august and in september a new opel premiered the grand land x. it's based on the peugeot three thousand eight it's four and a half metres long and opals biggest s.u.v. today. he will contest a underlaid cinnamon laments the small choice of engines for the grand land x. just one diesel and one gasoline powered engine and that's the one he's driving a one point two liter three cylinder and of course you have to wonder is that really enough for a compact s.u.v. the answer is in principle yes but of course a bit power more. or would be welcome opel will probably introduce
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a bigger engine next year along with the plug in hybrid version of. the plug in here but if it's on the ground then it's. the current engine is the same as in the persian three thousand eight which like the grand land x. only has front wheel drive as to accelerate shin it takes eleven point one seconds to go from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour so you can keep up with traffic for a compact s.u.v. fuel consumption is very good five point four liters per one hundred kilometers this car andris testing list for just under thirty four thousand euros in germany. under the surface much of the grand land x. is actually a peugeot three thousand eight but the grand land x. is definitely not just a peugeot clone it proudly embodies opals distinct design language. opel describes its design philosophy as sculptural artistry meets german precision
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the double row of daytime running lights for instance or the way the roof is set up from the lower body appearing to rest lightly on the forward leaning c pillar. the tailgate is made of plastic to reduce weight. the interior also embodies opals design criteria schoolgirl forms plus quality components plus precision workmanship opal has long been considered a low end brand the company aims to change that and fast the front seats are ergonomically designed and especially back friendly the front and back seats are heated. there is also a two hundred twenty volt outlet in the rear. on a long trip people tend to produce a lot of trash the question is where to put it the standard answer is a trash bag but where should you put it so it doesn't fly around in the car came up
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with a smart solution in the glove compartment there is a hook and it can support up to two kilograms or so loop a handle of the rubbish bag over the hook. close the glove compartment. and the bag stays put and. you open the trunk by wiggling your foot underneath it on physics and up a trunk with an to level floor can be a good thing the upper level is not such a big reach down from the loading lip but if you want to lift something down to the cargo bed if it can get tricky you usually have to hold up the upper level and only have one hand free has solved that problem you can click the upper floor in place and if your suitcase is heavy you can slighted over this sturdy unpainted plastic panel. without worrying about scratching it. when you're
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done if you release the upper floor. it's pretty cool. back on the road. that's five this is spent in is very comfortable of course in a curve you feel that the center of gravity is relatively high and that this is special is quite squishy so the car tends to roll a little but andre doesn't think that is a major issue for the grand land x. you never feel like you're losing traction when you take a curve at high speed i think it's funny and. hopeful is aiming to upgrade its model range synergies within the p.s.a. group mean opel does not have to bear all the costs of developing new models and that enhances profitability none the less in the grand land x. the design the suspension and the steering wheel based on peugeot have all been
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thoroughly reworked. of course it is a pity that the grantland x. is not a real opal and that the range of parts and platforms available for new models is limited because of the cooperation with peugeot still under it can't really find anything much to criticize in the grand lennox so he can definitely recommend it is there for me if you can find them for you know. jam packed highways are a familiar sight in germany. as an eminence card to so much as correct knows when we see a traffic jam coming up most of us think damn now it's going to take longer i just want to go home i really can't use a traffic jam now but this driver has actually sought this one out this is the passenger for once the driver is paid to bag miller head of audi's pilot a driving project they want to pay. his notice that paid to actually seem to be
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looking forward to the traffic jam major points out a great function this aid has that helps take some of the stress out of traffic jams it's not much of either. i think the paper explains that the traffic jam assist was the driver leave the driving to the cars of the car not the driver takes over the driving and with enough on both clock as thinks that sounds practical and wonders how it works peter explains the car recognizes that it can handle the driving conditions he presses this button on the center console to switch the system on. my office observes that now both passenger and driver can concentrate on other matters that peter confirms this for example they can watch t.v. here in the center console at present these systems are not street legal in any country but the developers are hoping that will change much as with an airplane's auto pilot there piloted systems come with double and triple safety systems.
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peter explains that audi develops sensors for the aid based on three principles one is a laser scanner that reveals what's happening all around as well as the detail contours of the cars nearby another is radar sensors that look ahead and to the sides and there's a camera that also keeps watch on the area ahead of traffic jam assistant functions through the interaction of all the sensors but they focus on stopping with me about this than not does wonders what happens if one of the sensors fails pager says if that happens the system requests that the driver take over of great importance is that no matter what the failure of the system ensures that the car proceeds safely in it's own lane until the driver takes over and the worst case it stops without causing a collision with an institutional. apparently the worst that can happen is that the car itself might cause a traffic jam but in heavy traffic more is involved in driving than just
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accelerating and braking. yet stand much as points out that now they're stuck in slow moving traffic and an accident may have occurred somewhere ahead so you'll have to make sure the ambulances have room to get through between the cars. well the system do that too that's the theme of the al place they paid to confirms it will the car recognizes that slain and i don't magically moves out of the emergency corridor for example their car is in the left lane so it pulls to the left edge in case the emergency vehicles need to pass on the right video i don't translate what i thought i was hoping to find. this describes audi's traffic jam a system is very convenient and easy to operate just as he did madge and using an auto pilot ought to be that he still hopes the traffic jam will break up soon yes to get to the airship hangar and maritime good pay to take in their. own data obliges no problem. once inside
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a car people generally see only what's happening close by to get the bigger picture regarding a traffic jam you have to take to the air here the advantage of an airship is that it doesn't fly very fast. made me a woman either move in the airship with much as his professor in the show shaken back a physicist who researches traffic jams he's at a university in one of the most congested regions of germany the essen duisburg area there or valley has lots of traffic anyway he asked professor shreiking back how a traffic jam like the one below comes about but he doesn't see any accidents there is the professor striking bag explains a sixty to seventy percent of all traffic jams are caused purely by congestion which means too many vehicles using the same road in the same direction at the same time roads have a limited capacity with me and my employer as asked of a traffic jam assisted audi's developed for the new eight will prevent traffic jams
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or will it simply help the driver who is already stuck in one and he's on a mission i was too young. professor shreiking bag thinks the traffic jam assistant will help to harmonize traffic he believes technology is better able than. people to adapt to conditions in heavy traffic so it will hit the brakes and hit the gas as little as possible it goes with the flow and it has far better reaction times that makes the ride more relaxing for the driver and it's better for the other cars the more vehicles are equipped like that the less often these waves of traffic jams will occur when using lots going yes there will be any off the anemia non-users now we've been seeing. back down to earth and the present if worse comes to worst can we really interest our lives to control systems and sensors let's put it to the test. if that's this is in the driver seat another car is straight ahead
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what should he do but it's been paid there suggest that he turn on the adaptive cruise control they'll start off behind another car then he can switch on the traffic jam assist at around fifty five kilometers per hour the system message is the driver to take control peter tells montas to do nothing and see what happens with it ok. to start off switches on the traffic jam assistant and does nothing more that even if it confirms that the system is asking the driver to take control now might as wonders if he shouldn't do something he doesn't want to rear and the car ahead but then it's not slowing down he can feel the braking in his seatbelt. and now they've come safely to a stop. on the. mount is is impressed that the technology is so advanced all we need now is for the authorities to legalize it for use on public roads it's been ready for some time now. that.
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mitsubishi's project always designed to be a workhorse a sport utility vehicle with utility read large head blows a good three and a half tons towing capacity in spanish general or perhaps has a rather odd color meaning so in most of latin america and spain it's called the montero in the united kingdom it's known as the shogun whatever the name it's big powerful robust and very straightforward. contest you know he loves taxis that mitsubishi is keeping its all wheel drive classic up to date with cautious modifications the car is well known as a decent off roader and spacious seven seater ronny has a look at that third row of seats behind
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a large tailgate he expects to find plenty of trunk space but it takes him a bit of work to fold the third row of seats up. he anchors the seats impose the lever. folds up the seats and puts the headdress in place now he's going to find out how it feels to sit back there. cup the ronnie folds a seat in the second row down to climb in back and get an idea of this space. yeah. doesn't seem to have any room for his knees at all yes to wedge them in tight against the seats in front he's got enough headroom but the third row seats wouldn't be all that comfortable on long trips with.
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the s.u.v. weighs about two point four tons it's powered by a hefty four cylinder turbo charged diesel with three point two leaders of displacement it puts out one hundred forty kilowatts and achieves a maximum torque of four hundred forty one nude metres you can reach a top speed of one hundred eighty kilometers per hour. if running notices the five speed on a magic transmission shift smoothly and even help save the carmaker rates average consumption at nine point three leaders per one hundred kilometers but our test drive averaged one or two leaders more. it's a brown he says mitsubishi emphasizes how much it's been able to reduce vibration but the through the sound of the turbo charged diesel gets much louder inside every time he steps on the gas.
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the boxee off roader has little to nothing to do with lifestyle statements the fourth generation built since two thousand and seven still looks like it just came off the farm and has no time for joy riding. the interior features grain leather upholstery and wood trim on the steering wheel and center console with its six point one inch touch screen that together with the rockford sound system gives the car a touch of one nine hundred ninety s. chime. even the multifunction display has something. a classic look. in a shot to ronnie a mitsubishi pajero in town comes across like a farmer at a ballet but in the country it's just the right size and in fact ninety one percent
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of his buyers order it with a trailer hitch. voce wagons crafter was crafted entirely by v.w. unlike his predecessor which was developed in building close cooperation with mercedes benz the new crafter is purely well it's wagon and it's versa time the crafter is available as a panel van or with a loading bed. it comes in various heights and lengths and with front rear or all wheel drive. that photo if unfortunately double is bad cause explains the advantage for motion gives the crafters of course mainly on ordinary roads it's sturdier and safer especially during the winter in fall when street conditions are compromised movies although you got them on the image but it also lets us do what we're doing now driving off the paved roads we have more stability and get ahead better on
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covance on. the four basic models are panel van minibus double and chassis cab all in three different heights and lengths. the cargo space can reach up to two point one thousand meters high and four point eighty five meters long for a maximum volume of eighteen cubic metres forty. as an example band has stowed this wooden box snuggling one of the a stand on a stone one we put in our pallet at the front wall of the cargo space then he lifted the box and with a forklift it's fairly lightweight only forty kilograms on the. whole and off the airport authority that he lashed the box down and fastened it with a strap then placed two rods in the front and back to make sure it stays in place. that makes emergency braking and swerving possible and the load is secured so it won't get damaged as a with a. lot of this hideous old. the crafter is not one single vehicle but
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an entire family there are sixty nine versions available in total v.w. designed the cockpit to be practical and pleasant the steering wheel handles like a passenger's car. and v.w. has upgraded the crafters electronic in assistance systems. new features include electro mechanical power steering obstacle monitoring system and a trailer assist. trailer says makes reversing a lot easier even for drivers inexperience with trailers especially when reversing straight back it's an assistant system meaning it's not a ton of us and doesn't steer itself but it does make things much simpler if that's you basically steer with his joystick the way you'd ordinarily adjust the mirrors
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would be the driver determines the direction and the vehicle does the rest of the electronics work much quicker so it requires a lot less steering when reversing straight back out. and the mechanics take over and guide the vehicle in the right direction and now the trailers actually pulling the van backwards. for loading even heavier cargo the crafters rear axle can now be equipped with a dual wheels. little so its purpose is simply to make the axle shorter so the vehicle can carry every year loads making it more efficient as a simple comparison is assured broomstick is harder to break than a long one so a short axle can withstand more pressure. that's on the top be able to have the last of them. no matter how tough the working conditions are
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a new crafter is versatile enough. for almost any operation. with the. hello my name is shaffer i need a limousine with a chauffeur right now for the rest of the day. there is none available ok ok what are my options. i chauffeur with a rental car find i don't really have a choice i'll take it great thanks bye. is this really what he manuel had in mind when he called for a limo he probably wanted a big mercedes s. class an eight or a b.m.w. seven series but ikea optima sedan. well this is a nice alternative. hello hello
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mr shafer what do you have here. it is a optima it's not what i usually drive but i'm always up for a surprise. where testing the optimised plug in hybrid version. it has an electric motor and a two liter gasoline direct injection engine with a system performance of one hundred fifty one kilowatt it can accelerate to one hundred kilometers an hour in one point four seconds fuel consumption is one point six liters per one hundred kilometers. they keep optimised performance can't quite keep up with the other cars a chauffeur usually drives but it doesn't have to with less power driving is generally more relaxed you just slow down and feel you've rested when you reach your destination. the optimum has
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a distinctive appearance. in the front that has an active radiator grille that only opens when necessary. newly designed front and back bumpers help reduce drag. t.n.l. offers to plug in hybrids the near zero and the optima the batteries charge at a regular power outlet. and purely electric mode the range is fifty four kilometers . well our chauffeur says this is a pleasant surprise he usually drives grander cars but the key optima really makes
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a good impression it's well designed and very high quality he can definitely recommend it. the plug in hybrid is available in two equipment levels even the basic version includes a cruise control system dual zone climate control heated steering wheel front seat heating and electronically adjustable driver seat with a memory function. today we're testing the top model with even more features and comfort. with. our back she guesses back here you have everything you need heat seeding a u.s.b. plug to charge your phone and plenty of space it's really remarkable the dolphins up here his legs could be twice as long. but he could be two meters ten and still have enough room it's very nice. big the. one
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thing that sets the optima apart is how very spacious it is. my father all things considered the key optima definitely has what it takes to be a limousine a chauffeur my drive it can rival a luxury classic cars even if it does lack some small features and the quality of the materials is not on a par with that of other cars but then it does cost a lot less. and germany the optima plug in hybrid lists at thirty seven and a half thousand euro's that's after subtracting the three thousand euro subsidy. were eco friendly electric and hybrid cars. at first he was a bit skeptical when they offered him this alternative but he's convinced the optima is a good alternative as perform very well and looks good the interior is incredibly roomy and as a hybrid it is even doing
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a little to protect the environment what more could you want. with the and next time on drive it we tests go to this new compact s.u.v. that caracas. and take porsches panamera turbo as a hybrid out for a spin. this . if you're human.
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prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on d w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning. to w may for my. progress but where they start to divide the country i do need to deal with where they start to divide the language your blood will flow for growth. ninety nine days of the soviet union is pretty hard. to. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically. some it was an incredibly difficult task to not move. because democracy was a lie but the elections were a fraud it was privatisation was robbery just to peace instead of cultivating its culture its roots and language it brought forth
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a repulsive nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on g.w. . this is d w news coming to you live from berlin china's new role in the world president xi jinping sets out his vision for his country at the start of the communist party congress he says his dream is to turn china into a global superpower also coming up the ruins of rocca it was the epicenter.


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